Yardley Associates, LLP


We are both graduate level social workers with over 50 years of combined experience working closely with children and their families in a variety of settings. Having personally facilitated the Parent Education Program for over twenty-three years together, we provide exceptional educational services using a dynamic, multimedia approach.

Our curriculum is continually evolving to include current research in the field. We strive to include all information provided by CSSD supported workshops and trainings for Parent Education Program providers into the substance of our curriculum, and we are keenly aware of the content of the annual AFCC conferences. Most importantly, our curriculum is vastly enriched by the many experiences and stories shared by parents in our classes over the last twenty-three years.

Warm Line
Participants are encouraged to use us as a resource for as long as needed. Parents often call with questions, clarification and/or requests for referral services. Several parents have even returned (at no charge) for another class cycle at our invitation for a “refresher.”

Working for so many years in the Greater Hartford area, we are aware of a strong network of family resources. We also offer information on accessing significant support services in the area, especially ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services.


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