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What information is covered in the Parent Education Program?

As stated in the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Parenting Education Program Brochure, “Parenting education programs are classes designed to educate adults about the many issues children face when their family situation changes. The programs train participants about how to help children adjust in a healthy way to divorce or living apart from a parent. The programs include information about children’s developmental stages, helping children adjust to parent separation, cooperative parenting, conflict management and dispute resolution techniques, guidelines for parenting plans and parent access, and stress reduction for children.”

Please refer to the website www.jud2.state.ct.us/webforms/forms/fm151.pdf for more information on this brochure.

Is the same curriculum used by each of the different service providers in the state?

Each parent education program service provider covers the same principles as required by law, but does so with different curriculums. The only way to assure both parents are getting the same information is to have both attend the same provider, even if they do so at different times.

Why do I have to take the class?

The Parent Education Program is preventative in nature. The power lies within the hands of parents to make the family transition very easy or very difficult for their children. The Parent Education Program is designed to help parents assist their children through the family restructuring process by providing relevant information and resources.

Will I be required to answer questions or talk at all in class?

No. We encourage participation, but you are only required to attend the program. Feel free to sit back, relax and listen to the information presented.

Is there any testing involved in the class?

No. We ask that you fill out an anonymous questionnaire containing 25 questions for the court. Your feedback is vital in the continued development and fine-tuning of this program.

Which service provider do I need to take the class from?

You can take the class from any of the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Approved Service Providers. A comprehensive listing of the approved providers can be found by visiting the Parenting Education Program Brochure website at www.jud2.state.ct.us/webforms/forms/fm151.pdf

What if I do not have the required court form for the class?

The forms are available at all Judicial District Clerks’ Offices or Court Support Centers. It is a five carbon copy form entitled, Parent Education Program – Order, Certificate and Results (JD-FM-149). You should bring this form with you to class. If you are not able to obtain this form by the day of your scheduled class, one will be provided for you at class. We need to sign this form to verify your attendance. You will receive two copies of this form at the end of class, we will keep one copy of your form for our records and we will send the other two copies of your form into your respective court district on the day after you complete the class.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are unable to attend the class for which you registered, please notify us as soon as possible about your cancellation. This frees up a spot in the class and allows another parent to attend. If you have an emergency and are unable to contact us before the class, please call us as soon as possible so we can reschedule your class, if needed.

What if I am running late?

All classes are the required 6 hours in length, so please be on time. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you will have to reschedule for a future class session.

Is it better to attend the class together or separate from my child's other parent?

You have the right to attend the class together or separate from your child’s other parent. It is entirely your decision based on your comfort level. You are the best judge of your relationship with your child’s other parent. If you are getting along, then it is often very beneficial to attend the same class because both parents are hearing the same information at the same time.

If you prefer not to attend with your child's other parent, please indicate this during the telephone registration process so the other parent can be placed on the DO NOT ADMIT list for your class. If an individual is placed on the DO NOT ADMIT list and calls to register for a class with us, they are not given this specific class as an option to attend.

How do I pay for the class?

The fee for the class is $150.  Participants can send a check in the mail up to one week before class starts. Checks may be made out to Yardley Associates, LLP and sent to:

Yardley Associates, LLP
PO Box 1103
Windsor, CT 06095

Cash or money order is accepted as payment on the program day. Personal checks are not accepted on the day of the class.

What is a fee waiver?

If you cannot afford the fee for the program, the fee can be waived through the court system. Complete an Application for Waiver of Fees(JD-FM-75) and file it with the family court clerk. If you are in court when you are ordered to attend a parenting education program and you are unable to afford the fee, you may request that the fee be waived at that time. Please bring your fee waiver form that is signed by an officer of the court with you to class. You will need to present this to the service provider when you check-in to class.

* NOTE - Service providers cannot waive the fee. Fee waivers may only be granted through the court system and must be done prior to attending the program.
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